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Hi everyone!! Blessed love and Welcome to my health and fitness website.

My name is Earl and mom’s name is pearl since you might be wondering where earlofpearl come from… I’m a husband of one, father of 4 beautiful kids, I’m part owner & director of Pearl’s Bakery and Snackette, I’m also an online/affiliate marketer, ‘Big contrast’. No need to know my age, and you can see the real me on the left & at the bottom, just average the age 🙂

Welcome to my health and fitness website once more to you. Health and fitness has been my passion since I was a teenager and I soon learn that healthy eating and exercise leads to enjoyable living and long life as a result. I then had gone through extensive researches as to find the right foods and exercise to be healthy and fit.

Living in a unique south American country call Guyana, being healthy and fit became my main focus, after realizing, you only get out what you put in, and that’s practically for anything, Your body definitely react to what you eat, if you eat well’ you then feel better and live longer it’s simple, you have a car and don’t put in gas, it wouldn’t move, can’t drive. the same for us as humans.

I then join a gym and began to eat much more healthy since I’ve seen life expectancy became shorter and shorter because of lacking of exercise and eating the right foods. Not to mention I’m getting older and older, and this is when you really need to eat better, body take longer to heal from anything as you get older.

Now I can help others.

I’ve purchase and research many foods and gym equipment and have chosen the best to use base on my researches, now I can help anyone with the right facts and know how, to get the best results. I can share my tips, base on my experience.

Helping someone to live long, for me is better than anything else, I mean…who doesn’t want to live long? I do the research, find all the information necessary, along with my expertise and experience, I then share it with you.

This what my passion is, helping people generally and helping in health and fitness is the very best you can help someone with, I will continue to post helpful content I think will be much helpful to peoples lives.


I enjoy helping people generally but in health and fitness no one have refuse such help, what everyone needs is motivation and the tools to get them there, and this brings much purpose to my life in helping people to live longer. As I said before, helping others to live long is the best help you can actually give.

We all know that what we eat and do in these days, is causing our lives to be shorten in a significant way and its very alarming. We use to first associate certain illness with people who down in age, but its so different now that young people is dying from the very sickness that we associate old people with. diabetis, high potential, so much more cancer, and this is just a few to mention.

We definitely need more educators on health and fitness, I ain’t no Doctor or medical practitioner, but I sure know how to be healthy.


The Gold of my website is to help people to live longer, by posting valuable tips on how to do so. Education we all need in  living a healthy and fit life in the 20th century.

From time to time I’ll be posting content of living healthy and being fit with exercise, be sure to revisit for more and more information on health and fitness.

I will be working hard from time to time to bring you the best knowledge on health, this site will do all the work for you, in transporting everything you need to know about living long, in doing such, me and this site will achieve our gold.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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