Benefits From Healthy Eating and Exercise=long life

Benefits from eating and exercise, regardless to young or advance in age, it is ”essential and critical” to anyone’s life, people has the tendency to start eating well after reaching a certain age, which at that time can just be too late to get into the best shape at that age. I’m going to walk you through some basic foods and exercise that you can eat and do daily, in order for you to have the benefits from healthy eating and exercise..

I will give you a few things that you can simply do daily that can make you a healthy person that leads to long living.  A few foods that you can eat as well as a few exercises

Importance of Healthy eating & exercise

It is important for you to eat healthy and exercise, that in most cases will lead to a better and long life. It is best to be feed with the best foods from birth, which is your foundation, as a child, we create our own exercise that is fun for us at that age, and that might just be enough as a child, being an adult you can choose what is the best foods to eat that is Ideal  for your health. Eating and exercising regularly can prevent chronic diseases and it can help with quality rest (sleep) and can boost confidence, self esteem, it can decrease stress and a lot more.

There are 2 things to long living and good health

1- Exercise

2- Healthy Eating



Benefits From Healthy Eating and Exercise

On our normal day to day lives we do lots of natural exercise, such as walking, bending ect. but in some cases this is not enough for the normal person that don’t walk or bend too much base on their day to day activity.

It can be very difficult to keep good exercise habit since you have to dedicate yourself to exercising each day, for example you have to eat even if is rubbish, but you can go for days, months and years without any proper exercise at all.

You can do targeting exercise which target and specific muscle or body part, or you can just do total body exercise too.
So for you to get the benefits from exercising, I strongly suggest do some exercise just at the starting of the day or it might be more convenient for some to do it in the evening,  these are some of the exercises that you can simply do at home daily without any gym equipment.

1-Push ups

2-Pull up




And these are only a few, there are lots of home made exercises you can do from the comfort of your home easily.


Healthy Eating

Benefits From Healthy Eating and Exercise


Healthy eating starts with healthy food choices, There are some simple foods with next to no time preparation that can be very nutritious for you, as I said it is hard for most of us to maintain healthy living since we always on the go with little or no time to prepare the healthy foods, so I will give you some easy ,simple food that requires little or no time to prepare.

You can also add a little of your own flavor to enhance your taste, since we seems not to like the things that is good for our health.

1- Cereal



4- Low fat Milk

5-Low-fat yogurt,

How does exercise influence your healthy eating habits         

Vegetable, fruits and high protein foods are associate with high intensity or volume of exercise, aerobic training also effect you to establish good healthy eating habits and decrease preferences for non healthy foods such as sodas. process meat, ect.

It can also be difficult to keep up a good eating habit since we adults find it difficult and always on the go with work, college, ect. and so barely have time to buy healthy food to cook, so fast foods became the order of the day which leads to chronic diseases, high blood pressure, dietabetis, heart attact that come as a result of intake of bad cholesterol from fried foods. for you to get the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, I suggest you stay away from those foods.

We should we eat healthy

There are some reasons we should eat healthy, main reason is definitely to live a long and healthier life,  in order to live that life, you need to eat healthy and exercise so you can prevent many diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure ect. you will not benefit from healthy eating if you choose to eat the foods that is bad for your health like the luncheon meats, hot dogs and process meat burgers ect.

Organic foods are a good choice too, organic is better for overall health, high in antioxidants, improve heart condition, and a whole lot of benefit that is too much for me to mention now.


Make Healthy eating and exercise be your a “priority”

Benefits From Healthy Eating and Exercise

Since I have decide to change my life style and started to eat healthy and exercising I started to received the benefits of eating healthy and exercising, this give me a better physic, raise my self confidence and make me generally feel better in my body, health wise, like I said you don’t have to join the best gym for exercise, simple home exercise will work, you also do not have to be working for the largest company or have a bank account to buy healthy foods, there are cheap and healthy foods you can purchase as well.

As far as my knowledge goes, eating healthy will always leads to a longer life in the long run, we all have families and relatives and would like to live as long as we can to enjoy all of them, so consider the benefits from healthy eating and exercise that I have been receiving that you can also be receiving, After giving you a few tips of simple healthy foods you can used or eat on the go, I hope this is helpful to you and will help you to live longer in good health and strength.



6 thoughts on “Benefits From Healthy Eating and Exercise=long life”

  1. Eating healthy and getting enough exercise really make a big difference. I found that over the summer when I was working in a physical job I had a lot more energy than I do now. I went from being very active every day to sitting in class for hours and then coming home and doing nothing. I think the other part of my lack of motivation comes from the lack of sun in the winter. Once it’s dark out I don’t want to be out in the cold. As you mentioned though there are a lot of exercises you can do in your own home so maybe I should give those a try. Thank you for your suggestions 🙂

    • Yes, you can make your own house gym easily, and if you love weights, puck up something that is heavy with the right size for you, exercise is important.

  2. This article on the many benefits of healthy eating and exercise that leads to a long life was a great reminder for me of the importance of including both in my daily routine. It can be easy to neglect one or the other or both in some cases. The repercussions from that neglect often do not manifest themselves for years, but when they do it can be very bad.

    I have always made a point of trying to get a good variety of foods, avoid too much fat in my diet, and get plenty of fruits and vegetables. As a long-distance runner for many years, I know how your diet can affect performance. This applies to the rest of our lives too. Thanks for the reminder of why these two areas are so important, I think you have helped a lot of readers!

  3. A healthy lifestyle is utmost important. Living in this fast-paced world, we need to be reminded often to eat healthily with regular exercise. Rushing off to work early in the morning does not mean there isn’t time for breakfast. There are many quick and healthy recipes with simple ingredients and easy preparations we could find on the internet. Same goes for dinner recipes. In the case of exercising, one does not need to go to the gym. Simple exercises or jog around the neighbourhood is good enough so long we do it regularly. 

    Thanks, Earl, for reminding us to eat healthily and exercise more.

     Good health!


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