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“Eating healthy” is important for everyone – and I bet: you know that already…
Plus: one of the most important keys to eating a better diet is eating more fruits and vegetables. I bet again: you knew that too. “Eating Healthy is Important for Healthy Living”, I’m certain you know that as well!

But many people are unsure how to use vegetables more effectively as part of their diet, but it may be easier than you think to provide yourself and your family with healthy, nutritious meals at a great prices!

In this blog I will give you some healthy tips on what to eat, and some guidance in doing so. As always I never too long, before you know it, you’re finish reading. Let’s start with-

Create Wonderful Meals- How Easy?

One way to create wonderful meals that are healthier than ever is to take a stroll through the produce section of your local grocery store.
Most major grocery store chains have huge produce sections, containing a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables from all corners of the world.

Trying a variety of different fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep your meals interesting and exciting in addition to nutritious. It is all too easy to become bored when trying to follow a healthy diet, and boredom can lead people to abandon their healthy habits.

Avoiding diet burnout is important to the long term survival of even the most sensible eating plan.

Trying New Things Can HelpEating healthy| Important for Healthy Living

So if you’ve never had vegetables like collard greens, asparagus or kale before, why not give them a try. Not only can trying new things allow you to make great new discoveries, but it can increase your level of fitness as well.

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and kale are rich sources of many important vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients.

Another great way to increase the variety of vegetables you enjoy is to combine fresh, frozen and canned vegetables. While fresh vegetables are generally better and healthier, frozen and canned vegetables can be great alternatives for when the fresh varieties are out of season.

One of the best things about fresh fruits and vegetables is the great variety of flavors, colors and textures available. Eating a variety of different colored vegetables and fruits does much more than provide much-needed variety. It also provides a great variety of nutrients.

For instance, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables tend to be very high in beta carotene, while green leafy vegetables are often great sources of calcium and other important nutrients.

So why not spice up your plain old green salad with a splash of color in the form of yellow peppers or orange carrot slices?

Using Vitamin & Mineral SupplementsEating healthy| Important for Healthy Living

Many people wrongly think that they can make up for a crappy diet by using vitamin and mineral supplements. This mistaken belief is apparently very widespread, since sales of these supplements continue to break records.

When considering vitamin and mineral supplements, however, it is important to remember that foods contain many different minerals, trace elements and other micro nutrients.

That means that for every nutrient that has been discovered and synthesized, there may be ten, twenty or more of these micro nutrients that have yet to be fully understood. That is why no vitamin supplement, no matter how complete, can truly replace a healthy, balanced diet.

In addition, vitamin and mineral supplements are quite a bit more expensive than a good selection of vegetables and fruits, and not nearly as tasty.

Eating Right, Is Important! 

When changing your diet and eating for a healthier lifestyle, it is important to educate yourself about eating right, and go choose the right fruits and vegetables for your tastes. After all, the best diet is the one you can follow for the rest of your life.

One of the best ways to start eating a healthy diet is to choose the freshest fruits and vegetables. Not only do fresh fruits and vegetables taste better, but they are less expensive and more nutritious as well.

Choosing a variety of in season fruits and vegetables every week is a great way to enjoy healthy and varied meals.

Of course your favorite fruits and vegetables will not always be in season, so it will sometimes be necessary to supplement those fresh fruits and vegetables with canned and frozen varieties.

When choosing canned fruits, try to avoid those packed in syrup; choose canned fruits packed in fruit juice or water instead. They will be healthier and contain less sugar.Eating healthy| Important for Healthy Living

Adding fresh fruit, such as apple slices, mandarin oranges, nectarines and the like is a great way to make plain salads more interesting and more delicious. Combining fruits and vegetables is a great way to enhance your nutrition as well.

Drink More Water – Make another profound difference to your health by consuming more water. Many people make the mistake of assuming that they’ve received enough water from the various pop, coffee and other beverages they’ve consumed in a day.

This is not entirely accurate. Ideally, one should consume upwards of eight, 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Water helps the body metabolize stored fats. It can also help your body cleanse itself of free radicals, which have been linked to cancer and other such ailments.

Pay Attention to Nutrition Diet also plays a significant role is one’s overall health. Everyone should be familiar with the dietary guidelines established by the leading health agencies and authorities.

The “food pyramid” is by far the most popular set of published nutritional guidelines. The food pyramid advises people to include all the major food groups – grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat (or protein) – in their diets.

Keep in mind that the food pyramid is merely a nutritional guideline. The dietary needs of each individual will vary drastically, and what’s ideal for one person isn’t necessarily ideal for the next.

ConclusionEating healthy| Important for Healthy Living

It’s important to give pause and consider making some positive changes regarding the state of your health. As they say, there’s no time like the present.

People the world over often make resolutions to do something to better themselves in the coming year. Consider doing something that will benefit your overall health. The following suggestions may just help to ensure that you make the best health decision.

Get a Check-up – An excellent place to start when considering lifestyle changes is with an honest assessment of your health. At this stage, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with your physician.

Why not make an appointment for your annual physical exam? Time to do that, look right :), This way, you can begin with an accurate assessment of your physical state. Your doctor will be able to focus your attention on areas that are of immediate health concern.

This is especially important if you’re a smoker, if you’re overweight, or if you have any significant health issues that might prevent you from performing simple daily tasks.

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I really hope this article help with your health in some way, any questions fell free to ask, I will get right back to you soon.




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  1. the importance of eating healthy can not be over emphasized. for someone like me who likes food a lot, i have learnt from your article that the excessive eating is not the key to good health but eating the right food and ant the right time. i would like to share this article with some of my friends

  2. Physical transformations are often achievements that attract a lot of public attention, but when it comes to not only losing a lot of weight but also a changed awareness of the importance of healthy eating in everyday life, then this is a story that definitely needs to reach as many people as possible. especially in times when many live on baked goods and junk food.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing a great article today to know more about Eating Healthy, as I know this is important for a healthy living.

    I’m currently working to make some diet changes to be healthier, it’s not always easy, but as I know this is important I try to do my best, looking for some information that helps me to do these changes in an easy way, this is how I found your website and I’m glad I did, as you share here some important facts about why it’s important to have a healthy eating habits.

    My question is how to help young children to make those changes, as they are already used to have food rich in sugar and carbs, making a change of having more vegetables and fruits, it’s not easy at home?

    How would you change the diet to be healthier at home, when children refuse to have it?

    I thank you for all your help!

    • Kids will always be kids, we as parents have to trained them the way should go! there is a saying, healthy eating parents, always have healthy eating kids is most cases, let them be kids but monitor them with certain foods. for-instance! we know the like sweets,  but don’t keep giving them sweets, we also know they like fast foods too, don’t keep buying it. train them to eat healthy as much as possible.  

  4. As an athlete for over 10 years now I have almost mastered the art of eating clean but also to eat for the type of sportsmanship lifestyle. One of the things that I avoid is nutrition supplements, I find that they are too expensive but also they might just be adding too much on what I already have.

    In your view, if I were to add some, which ones do you think are basic and don’t cost that much.

    • I try my best to stay away from that, the only sup. I use is fish oil, I try my bse to go fresh as much as possible.

  5. The place of healthy eating is always on top of the priority cue for anyone who wishes to live healthily. In all honesty, I’m quite delighted at how you have elaborated on this topic. Often, people underrate how important it is to eat healthily and jeep a balanced diet for a proper healthy condition. This is a great post and thanks for sharing it here

  6. Hi There,

    I love your website, it’s really well-written and its really attractive to the eye with colours and images. I like the read up about food suplements it’s really useful information to take in. After reading your reviews it made me want to prepare a nice healthy and there are lots of that on your website.  It’s well-written and really informative.

  7. Blessed Love,

    Really informative article and there is no doubt that nature is abundant in providing us with different kinds of vegetables, fruits that will help us to keep our health in its optimal health.

    You discussed vitamin and mineral supplements, I have no knowledge in the field so it would not be appropriate to comment on it.  But I agree that natural food and fruit will be more cost-effective and full of natural benefits.

    You also mentioned collard greens, asparagus or kale, what is better kale or collard greens in your opinion



  8. I like the expression ‘diet burnout’. It is so true – eating the same thing day after day gets so boring, and we start to crave something new and exciting. Like…cake! Lots of great information here – especially about vitamin supplements. 

    I grow a lot of my own vegetables to eat for the summer, and then ferment what’s left for the winter months. I think eating fresh organic vegetables is the best thing you can do for your body.

    Thanks for this article.


    PS  I think the Wealthy Affiliate link is very out of place where you have it. You already have links to WA in the sidebar. But if you want to include a link in the article, perhaps do a PS down below your signature. Just my thoughts.


    • Thank You. I follow advise, But I think is wise for you to PM me if you see any faults rather than leaving it in the comments box. thanks anyhow.

  9. What a fascinating read!

    Truly, most of the points payed out here are not exactly new discoveries, but I must admit, you have certainly made them a lot more comprehensible. 

    Following a strict diet, especially one that is actually healthy is difficult enough. Sticking to it is even more difficult. I’ve had my own fair share of falling back to my old eating habits which are unfortunately unhealthy. 

    This has been really insightful. I’m glad you shared.

  10. My wife and I have discussed eating healthier this new year. Obviously, though there is a price difference when getting healthier foods, and I hate getting food that goes bad. I never thought about getting canned fruits, so if it is packaged in fruit juice or water it is better? I will admit though I have always been one of those that tried to use supplements to make up for a lack of quality food in my diet, we definitely need to start getting those vitamins through foods naturally. Are there any fruits that are not really healthy for you? I know some of these new diets out there say to stay away from certain fruits because of the sugars that are in them, even though they are natural sugars. Thank you for sharing, this is very motivating for us to get going!

    • You got it right already! As good as it may be, still can’t over use, and yes some fruits have more sugar than some, that is something to look at.

      Thanks for asking, always love the questions and feed back.

  11. I love the way you wrote the article and you just choose a great topic because most of the people nowadays have a lot of the fat and they tried to lose it even if they are training at the gym and they don’t see the result because they don’t have good food and you mentioned a good food and how-to tutorial I wish everyone get benefit of this.

  12. Hello there! Thanks so much for taking out time to sharing this amazing article, as it is highly informative. I completely agree with all these ways you have given for healthy living especially the use of vitamins and mineral supplements which according to research that taking supplements can prevent or cure major chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

    My question is; Can high dose of supplements be harmful to one’s health?

    • Certainly! I just said to one of my readers, too much of one thing good for nothing, esspecially supplements, the natural fresh foods is always better.

      Thanks for your comment and question

  13. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here as it’s carries vital information everyone should know to live a healthy life especially the part that says “Try out something new”, it’s important because one won’t know what is good for his/her health if he doesn’t try out new things. 

    Here’s my question; can excessive amount of vitamins be harmful?

    • Yes! Too much of ine thinh always good for nothing, a balance diet is it! too much of any vitamins is not good. thanks for asking.

  14. Hi Earl,

    I enjoyed reading your article, and I agree that everybody benefits from adding more fruits and veggies to the diet, they are full of nutrients we need daily. We are lacking nutrients on a daily basis, most peolple follow the standard diet of fast food and soda that fills the stomach but leaves the cells hungry.

    Food should be our first line of nutrition, although we need to supplement because the soil is depleted and the amount of nutrients in veggies today is much less than some years ago.




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