Low Carbohydrate Diet | Know About Low Carb.

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Hey guys! Let’s Talk about “Low Carbohydrate Diet” in this article, with the expectation of helping someone who might be or thinking to go on a low carb. Diet.

Low Carbohydrate Diet| What Is?

A low-carb diet is a diet that restricts carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods, pasta and bread. It is high in protein, fat and healthy vegetables.

More About- Low Carbohydrate Diet

First let us identify carbohydrates’. Sugar, including powdered sugar, granulated white sugar, brown sugar, or any type of sugar you can think of, is the main carbohydrate that you would need to eliminate.

All types of pastas count as carbohydrates’, meaning all noodle and spaghetti products must be eliminated. Starches of any type, such as white rice, potatoes and potato chips, need to be eliminated.

Cereals are mostly carbohydrates’ and should be avoided entirely during the diet phase. Because of the low-carb craze, there are many low-carb options of sodas, milk, ice cream, bread, beer, and wine available in the average supermarket.

If you do consume these, be sure to do so only occasionally and in moderation, even if it is a low-carb type.

Otherwise, the aforementioned foods should be eliminated entirely when not of the low-carb type. Beware of foods that contain hidden sugars, like bacon, barbeque sauce, ketchup, salad dressing, cough syrup, and fruit juice.

As strange as it may seem, fruits and fruit juices should be eliminated while in the weight loss phase of this diet, as they are nearly pure carbohydrates’.

Anything made with flour needs to be eliminated during the weight loss phase, since as mentioned earlier they are high in carbohydrates’.

Low Carbohydrate Diet | Know About Low Carb.

Now what can you eat?

Well, the good news is that you can eat all meats, fish, poultry and seafood, except prepared meats like bacon and honey baked ham, which are high in sugar.

Skip the bread and have meat and salad, or meat in your salad. Eggs are very low-carb friendly, but be sure to skip the mayonnaise or salad dressing unless it is low-carb type mayonnaise or dressing.

Any type of vegetable is fine, but be sure to realize that when making that salad that tomatoes are actually a fruit, and you want to limit your consumption of them at least during the weight loss phase.

Choose brown rice as your starch replacement, as it is low in carbohydrates’ comparatively to potatoes, bread or white rice. Cheese is good in limited amounts, as this is a high-protein, low-carb food.

Butter and cream can be used, but should be consumed in limited amounts. One complex carbohydrate that is good is fiber, as it does not break down into simple sugar, and helps the body with elimination.

Further, fiber fills you up quickly without adding significant calories, so hunger pangs are fought off successfully.



Make sure you are drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day minimum in addition to any other liquid you may consume.

Dehydration often masquerades as hunger and causes overeating. Of course, again exercise is a necessary and vital part of your diet plan, which we will cover in the next section on exercise.

Once you lose the weight that you set out to lose, the weight loss phase of your diet is over. Of course keep in mind that you are making lifestyle changes, not going on fad or binge diets.

This means that you will not go back to your old eating habits. Instead, you will introduce certain foods back into your diet in moderation. For example, you may add a couple of strips of bacon once a week to your meal plan.

You can enjoy small portions of deserts of any kind, simply in moderation. It is best to avoid soft drinks all together, or opt for the low-carb type permanently. If you do introduce any other carbohydrate-laden foods, be sure to do so only at one meal, and in small portions.

Reducing carbohydrates’ will become a lifestyle to you when following this plan, one is very likely to boost your overall energy level and help you keep the weight off.

Low Carbohydrate Diet | Know About Low Carb.

A low carb diet, also known as a low carbohydrate diet, is a diet program designed to promote weight loss while restricting the consumption of carbohydrates’.

The theory behind a low carb diet is that carbohydrates’ consumption is linked to increased insulin levels and obesity.

Some nutritionists have varying opinions regarding the validity and safety of a low carb diet, but others refer to the strong evidence lending truth to the claim that a low carb diet can actually promote weight loss.

A low carb diet specifically consists of eliminating or reducing foods that contain sugar, grains and starches. With each of these products being labeled as carbohydrates’, they are replaced with other foods containing increased fat and protein.

Many people enjoy vegetables as part of a healthy diet and while they too are classified as carbohydrates’, they are believed to be much healthier than grains.

As with most diet programs, there are two sides to the story with individuals who oppose and those who agree with the approach. Specifically, some experts believe that low carb diets carry their own risks and possible side effects, including headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and/or dehydration.

By lowering or eliminating dietary fiber, many believe that constipation may also occur as a result of the fiber absence. In addition, some believe that the replacement of cholesterol and foods high in saturated fat might increase the risk of developing heart disease.

There are also some concerns that kidney problems may ensue as a result of the organs becoming overworked, but there are no scientific studies to support this theory as yet.Low Carbohydrate Diet | Know About Low Carb.

The acceptance of low carb diet foods have had various impacts on some of the world’s largest food producers. Pasta makers, for example, suffered a reduction in the need for their products and believed that the loss was connected to low carb diets.

A popular doughnut manufacturer admitted that earnings were lower than usual and associated the reduction with low card diets, which reduced the demand for their product as well.

Several companies, on the other hand, watched as their profits were on the rise as they promoted low carb products in stores and restaurants.

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or a nutritionist’s recommendation.

Prior to beginning any dietary program, including a low carb diet, individuals should consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or an appropriate path toward weight loss.




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  1. thank you for this article. i was searching a healthy diet. as i have belly fat, i think this low carb diet will be effective for me. i found this article very informative and helpful.all the details of low carb diet is given here. i did not know that bread is not allowed. to live a healthy life perfect diet and fitness is important. this will keep us active and jolly very much. if we do not maintain diet we will feel heavy body which is not good. that is why i think everyone should have a balanced diet. 

    i will surely share this article with my social media friends so that they can know about low carb diet and follow the tips you have given.

  2. Thanks for your post about things I value highly–health, nutrition and fitness.  They’ve always been important, but as a senior citizen, they are all more important than ever.  I wrote my master’s thesis about good health and nutrition.  Carbohydrates are a subject, like so much about nutrition, where there is a lot of misinformation and generalization.  You’ve done a good job of clarification.  We need carbs but we need the right ones.  Simple carbs (sugar) is the enemy.  Keep up the good work.


  3. I am a diabetic, would you recommend low carbohydrate for diabetes? My biggest issue eating pasta, I at least eat pasta twice a week. Is their low carbohydrate pasta noodle to replace white spaghetti noodles so I can still enjoy my pasta? You mentioned the foods we can eat as being fish, what type of fish would you recommend? 

    • You can use some of the same low carb foods, but you have to watch your sugar intake, fish you can use is- Salmon, sardines, herring ect. mainly fish that is high in DHA and EPA or high in omega-3 faty acids. this is good for diabetics, who have increase risk of stroke and heart diseases.

      Thanks for asking that question.

  4. Hi Earl,

    Low carb diet is in high these days and is one of my favorites along with Mediterranean diet. Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does. This diet combines with my chemistry, but it is not good for everyone of course, we are all unique.

    The most difficult to me is not to eat white rice or potatoes. I have eliminated all salad dressings, mayonnaise and ketchup, they are all loaded with chemicals and sugar, sometimes people don’t realize they give a great contribuition to fat storage.

    Thanks for this informative article.

    Best wishes,


  5. Hello,

    Woah, these facts really did put me at minutes of thinking back on the choice of food I’d made earlier. Never had an idea that fruits could be a hindrance to weight loss.

    As much as I am interested as many others else in losing weight, it worries if losing weight might include losing chest,bicep muscle size? Kindly help us know if the weight loss phase would include majorly fat  rather than muscle fibers.

    Thanks for taking your time to share these amazing facts! Looking forward to hear and know more from you :).


  6. Hello, Your guide is very helpful to loss weight. As we know a low carbohydrate diet, is a diet program designed to promote weight loss while restricting the consumption of carbohydrates’. By lowering or eliminating dietary fiber, many believe that constipation may also occur as a result of the fiber absence. Fiber is very useful for our body. Thanks for your perfect guide and suggestion on low carbohydrate diet.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post on low carb diet. How do you count calories and what is the good ratio of carb vs protein if someone wants to do low carb diet? Also, what do you think of having a big breakfast and a small dinner at night? People say that it can help them to lose weight. I am interested to learn more about it. However, during this coronavirus stay in the house time, people might eat more since they don’t have too many things to do. Also, many of them are hoarding food. Food like rice, noodles and pasta won’t get spoiled fast but potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc as carb substitutes will.



    • I never recommend big breakfast, people who eat big breakfast then to gain weights, in my articl you will see there are foods that has protein and carb, too much protein gain more weight comparing with carb.

      Thanks you your comments.


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