Men Weight Loss Versus Women, Here Are Some Advantages

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Is there any advantages and dis vantages in “Men Weight Loss Versus Women”? the eternal debate continues: what are the Advantages of men weight loss versus women weight loss and lack of energy?

There are many elements to this question, do men lose weight more easily than women. And what role does lack of energy play, if any, in weight loss?

First of all, I want to make clear that I am not a doctor, scientist or personal trainer. What I am going to share with you in this article is what I have read and learned. I can not guarantee that it is accurate, but if nothing else, it will give you something to think about.

OK, do men lose weight more quickly than women? From what I have been able to find out the answer would be “yes”. But it’s not what you may think, and that doesn’t mean it is necessarily “easy” for them either.

You see one of the biggest culprits of weight gain as we age, this goes for both men and women, is loss of lean muscle mass.

This happens for several reasons but the biggest reason is that as we get older we tend to move less. Less movement means that our muscles kind of wither away.

When that happens, and you may not even notice it at first, fat can build up in those “crevices” where the muscle once was. As your lean muscle mass deteriorates your metabolism slows down. This then can become a bad cycle.

Another thing to consider is that being out of shape can lead to a lack of energy. When you are feeling out of energy the last thing you want to do is workout. Again, a downward spiral.

To combat all of this just find the motivation, or hire someone to help you find it, to work out. Eat right, build up your lean muscle mass and you will find that you have more energy and your metabolism will burn hotter making it easier for you to stay at a healthy weight.

To be honest, none of this is rocket science. Today most of us know that a lot of what our parent’s generation thought about staying in shape was wrong.

We know that the idea of eating 3 big meals a day is wrong. All you accomplish by doing that is you flood your body with more calories at one time than it can process.

We now know that it’s better to eat small, healthy meals throughout your day to keep your metabolism burning hot.

We also know that even women need to do some weight training so that they can keep their lean muscle mass too. And we also know that since women don’t have enough of the hormones that build big muscles, it would be impossible for a woman to “bulk up” accidentally.

There may not be as many advantages of men weight loss versus women weight loss and lack of energy as we may have originally thought. To a large degree it seems as if we all have pretty much the same challenges. And it also seems we may all need pretty much the same solutions.

Men Weight Loss Versus Women

Weight Loss For Men- More Lean Muscle Mass

Many women think that weight loss for men is easier than it is for women. And maybe that is true, men do have more lean muscle mass on average then women. Lean muscle mass is the thing that can keep the metabolism burning hot which will help burn up those calories, but that is really only part of the picture.

You see, men have to deal with slowing metabolism as they age just like women do. In many cases it is caused by the same factors, loss of lean muscle mass. It doesn’t matter that they are male, weight loss for men will be just as challenging if they have less lean muscle mass.

The good news is that if you are really motivated, and you have the right information, there is a lot you can do to reverse this trend and stay in good shape throughout your life.

Here are some points to consider, they may just help a little:

1. Of course, the first thing you need to do before you start to workout, especially if you are over 40, is to go to your doctor and get a thorough physical. The last thing you want to have happened is to find you have some heart related issues after you start working out.

2. Get a plan, better yet, get a personal trainer. The more detailed you are in your workout routine, the more likely you will stick with it. Keeping a workout journal can be an excellent idea, especially when you are first starting.

And, as I said above, having a personal trainer teach you a good workout routine as well as the proper form to use during all the exercises will help you get the most out of each and every workout. It may just keep you honest too. You will be less likely to slough off if your trainer is there ready to kick you in the butt.

3. Lose the notion of eating “3 squares a day”. That is not the best way to keep your body fueled throughout the day. Keeping your bodies furnace burning hot all day long is the best way to keep those unwanted love handles at bay. And the best way to keep that furnace burning hot all day long is to feed it.

Cut back on the carbs, get out of thinking that beef is a major food group and get in touch with the idea that fish is good for you. Eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on the beer and other alcohol. Hey, there has to be some sacrifices if you want to look great!

No matter what your age or current fitness level, weight loss for men can be accomplished and it doesn’t even have to be miserable. Just by making some simple changes to your daily routine you may be able to get back in much better shape. You can look better and feel better so it is worth the small sacrifices.

Fitness Regimen For Women To Lose 50 Pounds And Be Physically Fit

In a previous article we talked about setting goals to help you become more physically fit and lose weight at the same time. Today we are going to take this a step further and drill down into a fitness regimen for women; losing weight in order to become physically fit.

It is true you can lose weight without making a drastic lifestyle change, but sometimes developing a regular fitness plan is essential to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. And the point of this is of course, for you as a woman, to maintain the weight loss and keeping yourself physically fit, for your family and yourself for the rest of your life.

In that case, consider these realities:

This report is targeted at people who want to lose 50 pounds in a year. So, if you are 50 pounds or more overweight, you will first need to consult your physician about what fitness and health plan is right for you. Although you may not need to lose 50 pounds, each of the tips here can apply to you as well.


Next, don’t be afraid that exercise will make you want to eat more. You have to realize that while high intensity exercise does increase one’s appetite, the moderate intensity exercise that you will probably be doing will actually decrease your appetite for several hours after you work out.Men Weight Loss Versus Women, Here Are Some Advantages

Exercise may not result in immediate weight loss. That is because your body is converting fat to muscle and muscle actually weighs more. However, a muscular body will actually burn more calories in the long run doing day to day activities than a fatty one will. So, even if you don’t see immediate results on the scale, keep up the good work. You will lose more weight if you combine endurance training (such as aerobics, stair stepper, or bicycling) with weight and strength training.

If you are seriously overweight or obese, you should start your exercise regime by doing sit down exercises rather than jump into a routine that is not sustainable. For instance, while sitting in a chair, do a variety of arm raises, leg lifts, bends, and leans. Also, consider water exercises such as swimming and water aerobics. In the water, there is less of a load on your knees and joints.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise for overweight individuals. A good pair of walking shoes is the only equipment you will need. However, you might want to consider hooking up with a walking buddy, getting a dog, or investing in a iPod to make the walks go more quickly. When you are determined to burn 500 additional calories a day, choosing an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle and your health level can be very beneficial for you.

One thing I have discovered over the years, as a parent, is that by involving my children in my fitness regimen it’s a great way to stay motivated. My children became so involved that when DAD, tried to slack off, they would nag me to death until I got up off of my backside and worked out with them.

One of their favorites was doing a brisk walk and us talking about the things we saw and the things we had done that day. Talk about quality time with my kids. Wow!

So you can clearly see that a fitness regimen for women is not hard to do. It can actually be fun and all the side benefits for outweigh any disadvantages when you first start, trying to get healthy.


I really don’t have a problem with weights, since my genetics doesn’t allow me to gain any. But I certainly saw and seeing how people struggle with that extra weight, and how it messes with self-esteem for some.

Don’t take it for granted, once it starts, you need to jump on it immediately before it too hard to get the rid of. Be aware of what you eat and don’t ever forget the daily exercise our bodies need.

As always any questions on this article, shoot them in the comments below, let me know what you think, let have a discussion about this.





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Weight Loss For Men- More Lean Muscle Mass

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