Your Body| Most Important Asset

Do you realize you body is your most Important asset? The body automatically functions, and we automatically take it for granted! We expect our body to keep going and not complain, however much we abuse it. But it does complain, with headaches, backache, indigestion, colds, skin rashes: just a few of the minor warnings. Whether you are running a home business, major corporation or a family if you relate to these ‘mild’ complaints you just may need to pay attention to protect your most important asset: your health, your ability to think clearly and your emotional strength.

Without paying attention to keeping yourself well, you may slip into more serious warnings of ‘self-abuse’ and progress to serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. A few simple changes can make all the difference to the long-term health of your body, the clarity of your thinking, the strength of your emotional well-being and the long-term viability of your self-propelled business!

Food is fuelYour Body| Most Important Asset

What you eat and drink provides your body with the fuel to carry out all the physical and mental activities that get you through each day, including breathing and blinking! Some foods, such as fruit and vegetables, provide excellent fuel, with lots of beneficial nutrients. Other foods provide the body with poor quality fuel laced with undesirable chemicals, such as over-processed junk foods. What percentage of your current diet is providing fuel-efficient, nutrient-rich food? Find out by keeping a diary over the following week – jot down everything you eat and drink and then analyze your fuel source. The better your fuel source, the longer your life expectancy…

So improve your choice

Choose meals and snacks that are kind to the body, i.e. naturally-produced and chemical free. Fresh (preferably seasonal) fruit, vegetables and salads retain their nutritional content – they are ‘living’ foods. Avoid foods that have been over-processed, stored for too long or stored in contact with metal or cling-film. You could class these as ‘dead’ foods, with little to offer nutritionally. Variety is also vital, helping you obtain the broad range of nutrients your body needs.

Less is mode

rating large meals puts a great strain on the digestive tract. Choose smaller, more frequent meals, which help keep your fuel tank topped-up throughout the day. And never forget that the more you eat, the more your body has to either burn off or store as fat. So eat to live – don’t live to eat!

Give your stomach a fair chance

Slow down and enjoy your food. Chewing is essential – you have teeth for a reason – to assist the digestive process. Eating food quickly, or while stressed, disrupts digestion and the absorption of nutrients. The ‘how’ and when’ of eating is just as important as ‘what’ you eat.


Just don’t keep piling waste food on your stomach the body can only take so much, why force it? then you try to lose some 100 LBS. Before summer, we all know it much harder to lose than to gain, so you definitely have to watch that.

Life-giving water

Nature’s nectar. Your body is 70% water and it needs to be daily replenished with a fresh supply to ensure that body cells are hydrated and energized. Ideally, we need to consume two litres of water every day. If you can drink without being thirsty is absolutely no problem, water is very important for your body.

Get active!Your Body| Most Important Asset

You need just enough activity to keep all your moving parts in good working order, lean and strong. Too much exercise uses up resources needed for normal growth, repair and maintenance, and creates premature wear and tear on the joints and ligaments. as you go further in this article, I will advise you more on being active and a guide to a fit body.

So how much exercise are we talking about?

Enjoy a good brisk walk in the fresh air everyday – or even every second day – swing your arms, hold your head high, fill your lungs and lengthen your strike. Or, consider purchasing a home fitness video. There are plenty to choose from, just make sure it incorporates a good stretching regime to avoid pulling or straining any muscles. The same applies to any team sports or gym work – warm-up first. The message is, yes, you need to use your body to prevent it from ‘getting rusty’.


Proper ‘quality time’ should not be confused with time spent watching endless television, or playing games on the computer. Energetic computer games and emotionally-charged TV soaps activate the release of ‘fight-or-flight’ stress chemicals – hardly a form of relaxation. Switch the TV off and take time-out once or twice a day for between 15-30 minute to rest your thoughts, and your body, completely. Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, perhaps listen to restful music, and drift into your mind’s theater of beautiful landscapes and memories. No interruptions, no demanding family or friends, just you and your attention focused on health, happiness and abundance…that’s quality time!


We all need 6-8 hours quality sleep every night. Get to bed before midnight and start the day early and alert after a restful, refreshing sleep. Mind body and soul works better with early to bed and early to raise.

Love makes everything workable

For complete harmony of mind, body and spirit, the final ingredient needed is a huge helping of love. Surround yourself with people you love and who love you! oh yes, everything works better when love one’s is around eases stress and make you feel a little more important, who doesn’t’t want to feel loved?

Guide to a Fit Body

It’s a healthy body that can home a healthy mind. Fitness has been one of the prime considerations for the humans for ages. Several fitness programs have been developed for different kinds of works and sports. There are several procedures that can be devised and executed to tone the body muscles. They include running, weightlifting, exercise etc.

These entire have different out comes and they require different level of skill and stamina. One of the basic requirements before going in for training is that of a good trainer. It is a great risk to try out the workouts by oneself. Every exercise has a different position and posture which when tempered with can result into sever damage to the body tissue.

One of the basic components of a fitness program is weight training. It is the systematic lifting of weights to strengthen and tone specific parts of the body. The nuances of this include the different weights, having proper attire for lifting weights etc.

For example the gloves must be worn before going for high-end weights as it may cause corns in the palms and they also provide a good grip on the bars of the weights. The weight lifts are customized for different sports. Some sports like discuss throw or hammer throw require much more weightlifting than the lighter sports such as table tennis.Your Body| Most Important Asset

Gymnasium is a favorite place for aspiring athletes and fitness conscious people. The number of equipment s in the gym can be really enticing and inviting for the work out. But it has to be kept in mind that not all devices are one’s cup of tea. The requirement of a trainer is a prerequisite here too.

Basically there are two categories of equipment found in a gym, the machines and the free weights. They both cater to different parts of the body and have different ways to execute. The machines are better in a way that they have meters in them which tell the extent of workout that a person has undergone. This helps the athlete keep a track of his stamina.

Work out is also required by certain kinds of patients to keep up their body in shape to defend the attacks. Especially in case of patients suffering from cardiovascular ailments the doctors suggest a set pattern of workout to provide strength to the heart muscles. These are light exercises for example brisk walking, lifting lightweights.

Another major component for a fit body is the dietary schedule. It is the intake of recommended food while one is undergoing a fitness program. Excessive intake of fats during fitness tenure can make the whole procedure futile. The dietitian, who in most cases is also the fitness trainer, provides a list of proper foods to supplement and support the body’s work out.

The food is a combination of solids and fluids. They, in which ever forms are, must be able to fulfill the bodily requirements of structural components. They must be rich in carbohydrates for the energy purposes and proteins to build the body tissues.

Fitness is fast becoming a very important characteristic of the human beings. The heavy work schedules and the long working hours require a person to be mentally and physically fit to take the toll of such work. So don’t forget to include a fitness schedule in your work schedule.



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12 thoughts on “Your Body| Most Important Asset”

  1. Hi

    As the say we only have one body and you do not want to abuse it. I always see the body as a well oiled machine with many intrinsic parts, working in harmony with each other but when things go wrong, the machine is not working as effectively as it should be. I think you have raised some important issues and that we must follow to what you say.bwr need to eat right, exercise right, relax and one neglected part not often mentioned, to get mentally right. We also need to keep our brains in top conditions by doing mental stimulating tasks.

    I think whatever we do, it must be natural and become second nature to us.



  2. Awesome Earl, as fitness is growing fast becoming more important in our societies; the tiresome work schedules and the longer working hours need a person to be mentally and physically fit at work for sure. I do work 9 am to 5 pm and at the same time do stay up late to work on my online business. Does this have some negative effects on my body in the long run? Any food recommendation for me to eat in order for me to keep in balance with my diet?

    • Regardless to what food you eat, rest or sleep is important to ones body.

      Thanks for asking and your comments

  3. Do you believe that work pressures in the modern day, corporate greed and the obsession with the almighty dollar are massive contributors to our fast becoming sedentary lifestyles?

    Would you say adopting daily meditation and mind control could help rejuvenate our body’s and contribute to thinking clearer thus helping make healthier choices in our diet?  

  4. Hello, thank you for this great content. I myself view our bodies as precious and we must value it a lot more than we should. Everything you have provided is excellent and resonates greatly with me as I have same beliefs. 

    We must watch and learn what we are doing to our bodies, and also what we put into them. I also particularly like he available products which are natural, I also look for alternatives methods in regards to health and medicines.

    This is a informative site that I would personally go to and also recommend in regards to health decisions and even more learning and advice. The topics are engaging and simple, to the point and also has given me a more push to look after myself and also raise my children to look after themselves properly, they do which is good, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them.

    Thank you very much.

  5. Hey Earl

    You have given me so much to think about. I am a whole food plant-based eater and I truly believe that food is an essential part of our health and well-being. We are what we eat as our bodies make and replace a large number of cells daily and what we intake forms part of this process.

    You drive the point home by stating we should eat to live not live to eat. Most people don’t understand this concept and they choose taste over health. But we have to understand that there are a variety of ways to get healthy and it’s not everyone’s goal to live a healthier lifestyle.

    I thought I knew what quality time meant when coming to relaxing but I was going about it all wrong. Now that I think about it, I was aiding my stress all long. I’ll be sure to follow your advice on spending quality time with my loved ones and truly relaxing.

    Solomon & Selina

  6. hello Earl,
    what a great wealth of information you’ve given here on our body being the most important asset we have… having a healthy body is indeed the most precious gift of life and I must say it’s something money can’t afford but rather keeping a good diet and taking care of yourself without Ford you just that..thanks for sharing such useful information on how to keep our body in good shape at all time, I look forward to share it


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